"Where friends become customers and customers become friends."

PO Box 243        Salem, MO  65560


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Would you like to sign up for trash service?  Just give us a call.  You may hear us dumping trash or running from a dog in the background but we want your business so go ahead and call.  We'll even answer after 5 p.m. and on weekends most of the time.


We just try to treat you like family.  If we see your cows out in the road we'll stop and help you get 'em in.  If you get the flu, we may just come up and get your trash off your porch and bring your mail up on the way.  It's just the right thing to do.

We're also competitively priced.  We can't give you a solid price without talking to you in person as we may charge a different rate for the single senior citizen than we do for a multi-family pickup with 3 kids still in diapers.  We also offer CASH discounts for those who want to pay CASH, 6 months or more at a time- but it must be CASH for a discount.  Then there is an additional charge if you want us to supply you with a cart.  Give us a call and we'll try to cut you a deal!

Thanks for bein a Bagger!!

Why would you use EngleSmith for trash service?

Generous Bag Limit

No fuel surcharges

No sanitation fee

No contract to sign

Weekly trash pickup

Pay online *OR* Cash Discount

Pay monthly, quarterly or yearly

Dependable and consistent

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